Pre-orders for DKA008, High-Functioning Flesh's LP "A Unity Of Miseries, A Misery Of Unities" are up now! Available as vinyl and digital editions. Both versions come with an immediate download of advance single "Self Management".


The next release on DKA, our first 12" release, "The Red Rope EP" by PROFLIGATE,is here!

Stream the whole release:


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A veteran of the American underground noise circuit and one of it's most prolific and quietly influential figures, Noah Anthony retired his long running Night Burger alias last year and launched his new Profligate project with exceptionally strong releases on Not Not Fun (12" single) and MORE Records (12" LP).  Unlike many of the current crop of relentless experimentalists, Noah uses the Profligate project to bridge the gap between noise music and the dancefloor in an exceptionally bold and unique way, shifting the focus to pre-techno styles like Industrial and EBM.  Brutal drums, stark atmospheres, brilliantly controlled explosions of noise and chaos, and definitive melodies and basslines clash against soft-sung vocals whispering beneath the mix to create a sound that is reminiscent of classic acts like Front 242 or Skinny Puppy but has an atmosphere and feeling that is very much it's own.  The immediacy of the music is the result of Anthony being a master of live execution - Profligate is very much a live act, his sets steal the show on any bill he's found on and he is able to capture this live intensity on his recordings.  The three tracks presented on 'The Red Rope' EP see Anthony further developing and refining the styles he explored on his first 2 Profligate releases and prove that there is still a lot to be said and done in contemporary Industrial music.  Low-tech but not Lo-Fi, perhaps most impressive is that Anthony does not rely on fancy analog equipment but is able to produce a depth of sound not heard out of some of the most advanced studios with a few outdated digital samplers, keyboards, and effects - a true testament to creativity and vision.

Edition of 500 copies with printed jacket and insert
Mastered by Matt Weiner


DKA001 is here!  
We're thrilled to announce our first release, a split between 2 of the Midwest's finest dark synth slayers.  The A-side sees Dylan Ettinger at his dirtiest and dirgiest while the B-side finds Goldendust follow up their dark and desolate (in the best possible way) debut LP for Night-People last year with one of the most effortlessly lush and dreamy synth pop songs we've ever heard.

Order one below from our bandcamp - $5 + shipping 




DYLAN ETTINGER - The Pale Mare from TACHYONS+ on Vimeo.

DKA Lover's Mix 2013

DKA is back at Mary's for a bloodthirsty ode to the patron-saint of love. Bodies will confront one another in a ritual charade of dance that leads to a frenzied fever-pitch of pleasure and we've made this mix to satiate the hoards that are literally chomping-at-the-bit for more. 

DJ's Mikey B, C-Drank Hammer, and Matty Win will keep the floor moving with the best in classic Post-Punk/Italo/New Wave/Synthpop/Goth/Disco/Acid/Etc 

As usual visual stimulation will be provided by the most Fantastic Lands 

No Cover. 
9pm to 3am 
1287 Glenwood Ave, Atlanta, GA 30316 
Presented by DKA

  1. Glass Candy “Love, Love, Love”
  2. Ragtyme “I Can’t Stay Away (Ron Hardy’s Club Mix)”
  3. Easy Going “Baby, I Love You”
  4. ESG “My Love For You”
  5. Wet “That’s the Game”
  6. Gang of Four “Anthrax”
  7. Felix da Housecat “Let Your Mind Be Your Bed”
  8. Fun Fun “Color My Love”
  9. Martin Dupont “Just Because”
  10. Until December “Call Me”
  11. Hard Corps “Respirer”
  12. Dolly Parton “I Will Always Love You”

Lazy Magnet (full band) (Providence/Chapelboro)
Featureless Ghost
Outer Gods
Stephen Molyneux (Nashville)

Saturday, January 19th
The Office


DKA Halloween Mixtape! Featuring songs from High Marks, Twins, Tifaret, and Anticipation alongside our favorite Goth, EBM, and Industrial songs.
Selected by Matt, Chris, Elise, James, and Drew

We celebrated the upcoming release of Featureless Ghost's new LP 
"Personality Matrix"
at 529 in east Atlanta this past saturday (10/12).
The record will be available on vinyl and digitally from Night-People on November 6th.
Anticipation and Promise Keeper played awesome
sets as well, while DJ's Tifaret and Deathticket
spun amazing records late into the night.
All photos by Alan Weiner